JQA Hebrew Matthew Marginal Notes

Marginal notes in an edition of Hebrew Matthew published by Johannes Quinquarboreus Aurilacensis (YQA) in 1551.  JQA was a student of Sebastian Munster.

Johannes Quin-Quarboreus of Aurila, was also a Hebrew teacher who had been a colleague of Munster. He held the chair of Hebrew and Syriac at the College de France, and was generally considered one of the foremost linguists of his time. He published many books in Paris for Hebrew language students. His name appears with many variants, such as Johanne Quinquarboreo Aurilacensi, and Jean Cinquabres, etc. He died in 1587.

In 1551 Cinquarbres published his own edition of Hebrew Matthew in Paris. In this edition Cinquarbres republished Munster’s text as his main text, but added marginal notes to add “a sufficiency of authorities”, and deferring to “the ancient author” over Munster’s “restorations”. It would appear that Cinquarbres had access to multiple copies of Hebrew Matthew, but to Munster’s notes as well (since Munster’s printed edition did not mark his restorations). Cinquarbres writes in his preface (which is dated 1550):

I would not dare to affirm anything on the matter
than what I think is needful in consideration
of a sufficiency of authorities. If, however,
Munster has recommended to us, as almost certainly
better restorations or additions of his own suggestion,
by asterisk or whatever other sign he noted them,
to the extent that we know the style and phraseology
of the ancient author, the better judgment has been
placed on the author. When St Matthew wrote his gospel
in Hebrew, I think, following the many opinions of
illustrious men saying so, that no-one, unless he
wanted to be tarnished or resist the truth, would
turn in such a true pearl for a marble.
(Torat HaMashiach; Torat Elohim Khadashah V’hi B’shorat HaAdonaeynu Yeshua HaMashiach K’pi Matti HaM’Bsher Sanctum Domini Nostri Iesu Christi Hebraicum Euangelium secundum Matthaeum; Paris, France; 1551; Latin Preface.)

It is clear from this statement that Cinquarbres regarded this Hebrew Matthew as having been the work of the “ancient author” (Matthew).

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