(Keyed to Strong’s Word Numbers)

The books known as the “New Testament” were originally written in Hebrew ans Aramaic and were later translated into Greek, Latin and other European languages.  We are, for the first time, making the original Hebrew and Aramaic source texts of the books of the Ketuvim Netzarim (the so-called “New Testament”) available online in interlinear format, keyed to Strong’s word numbers.  The purpose of this project is to make this material easy for everyone to use, not only with Strong’s Concordance, but with many other books that are also keyed to these same word numbers.  

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DuTillet Hebrew Matthew

Munster Hebrew Matthew

Shem Tob Hebrew Matthew

JQA Hebrew Matthew Marginal Notes

Shem Tob Hebrew Mark 9:20-28

Munster Hebrew Hebrews



The Old Syriac (s) Aramaic Gospels

The Old Syriac (c) Aramaic Gospels

The Peshitta Aramaic “New Testament”

The “Christian Palestinian Aramaic” Version

The Crawford Revelation

Aramaic Lexicon

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